Zen Insights

Zen Insights

Zen Insights is philosophical blog site showcasing inspirational quotes, videos, and discussion about Zen, Buddhism, Taoism and other Eastern schools of thought.

Several contributing authors write their thoughts on philosophy, personal experiences, personal development and self improvement as individuals striving for enlightenment.

I modified the Yoko Theme for wordpress creating and developing a website for Zen Insights. The site design is balanced and flexible, responding to multiple sizes and platforms while maintaining a harmonious, minimalistic style.

Along with a few other writers, I maintain the blog, posting experiences, thoughts on philosophy and inspiring quotes, articles and videos.



Zen Insights not only has great conept, it has great design. The simplistic layout of the site adds to the overall theme. As a co-author, I fully enjoy writing for the site as well as viewing it. I am confident that my words are portrayed/displayed in a clear and well-organized manner. The user-oriented design makes the site accesible to anyone who finds interest in its excellent content.

—Author, Zen Insights

Zen Insights