• Sleepy Cove

    Sleepy Cove is a private, vacation property in Playa del Coco which is located in Guanacaste in the Northwest Pacific region of Costa Rica, Central America. The luxurious property is nestled in the beautiful hillside overlooking the town with panoramic views of the Pacific.

    I worked on the design and development of the website for Sleepy Cove vacation rentals. The owner wanted the site to reflect the relaxing tropical paradise it featured, but the project was relatively open-ended in regards to style and layout. Continue Reading

  • Ben Jeapes

    Ben Jeapes is a Science Fiction writer living in the UK. He writes novels, shorts stories, reviews and has worked as a publisher and technical writer, among other things.

    I contacted him about updating his old website which he had been maintaining since 1996 using basic HTML in Windows Notepad and little else. Ben was looking for a more modern looking site which he could maintain himself. Continue Reading

  • Zen Insights

    Zen Insights is philosophical blog site showcasing inspirational quotes, videos, and discussion about Zen, Buddhism, Taoism and other Eastern schools of thought.

    Several contributing authors write their thoughts on philosophy, personal experiences, personal development and self improvement as individuals striving for enlightenment. Continue Reading

  • James Minshall

    My personal website, created in Wordpress. It is a constant experiment in web design where I test plugins, javascript, create and optimize content for SEO and blog. Continue Reading

  • Day Creature

    Travis Butler is an artist and designer who works with fabrics, dyes and found objects. He received a BA in Studio Art and Art History from Elon University in 2010, then continued his studies in textiles at the Kansas City Art Institute. Continue Reading

  • DP Studios Archive

    DP Studios began in between classes at Devon Prep in September of 2005 with a series of short comedic films. The short films were recorded mostly at school during free periods and occasionally during class when the teachers were distracted. Continue Reading

  • Absolue American

    Absolute American USA is provides high-quality, affordable American made apparel such as performance tops and bottoms, fashion active wear and t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jerseys, mesh tops and bottoms, outerwear, corporate apparel, employee uniforms and team uniforms for most major sports. Continue Reading

  • Chef Angela’s

    Chef Angela Carlino’s Culinary Adventures for Kids offered themed party events and summer camps for young chefs. Chef Angela shared her cooking skills and unique Italian recipes with children of all ages at birthday parties or any event. Continue Reading

  • Boone’s Bar

    Since 2010, Boone’s Bar & Grill offers a multi-story venue featuring three bars, an open kitchen, and an outdoor patio for an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of downtown Charleston. Continue Reading