Conceptualize & Plan

Conceptualize & Plan


An single spark can ignite an inferno. An idea can transform a business. We ask questions, gather ideas & learn your business objectives, devising a strategy based on what needs to be accomplished for a successful web presence.

Asking the right questions…

The first step in any successful website is to gather information. We develop a solid understanding of any company or individual we work with. As designers we start off by asking a lot of questions to understand your business, your expectations and your needs before we figure out how we can meet them in a site. We ask a lot of questions…

What your business goals? How the site will be utilized to help you achieve those goals? Do you want the site to provide information, promote a service or sell a product? Is there a specific group of people that you want to visit your web site? What kind of information will the target audience be looking for on your site?

Establishing a site layout…


Using the information we gather our team puts together a plan for your site. We develop an underlying architecture for your site to achieve efficient, and easy use for your visitors.

The site is divided and categorized into main topic areas and any applicable sub-topics. This underlying structure is essential to developing a consistent, easy to understand navigational system. The users of your site must always be considered developing your site.

We also help you decide what technologies should be implemented in the site to meet your functional needs. For example: Do you need interactive forms, eCommerce capabilities and should we incorporate social media aspects?

A good user interface creates an easy to navigate web site with a clear hierarchical architecture. The end result of this planning process is a well-planned, well-structured content which leads to a successful site. It also helps us create a skeletal structure of your site where we can begin the next phase: incorporating interactive features and visual design.

Design & Stylize

Design & Stylize


Creating a framework we lay the foundation for future development and ensure a uniform approach to digitally displaying a business. Using sound principles of design we refine our ideas and channel them through our objectives, creating easy-to-use websites that are clear, direct & ultimately lead to better digital reflection of an organization.

Target audience is a key factor taken into consideration during this stage. The site is not only built to please our clients, but theirs as well. It is also important to incorporate elements such as the company logo or colors to help strengthen the identity of your company on the web site.


We will create one or more prototype designs and supply an image of what the final design will look like as well as providing a link to our work-in-progress demo site. Throughout the design and development stages we give you the opportunity to express your likes and dislikes on the site design as we refine it.

Develop & Test

Develop & Test


An idea does not grow overnight. It is perpetually evolving and adapting to new circumstance. We work with you, nurturing and enhancing your digital presence, ensuring the most accurate reflection of your business’s image & services.

We take all of the individual graphic elements from the various prototypes and use them to create the actual, functioning site.


During the developmental stage the web site itself is created. We begin by developing your home page and a template or “shell” for each interior page. The content pages of your site keep consistent architecture and navigation and the individual content is added to the appropriate page.


From here on, we refine the site, tweak design elements and optimize written content.

We test the site thoroughly and submit it for your approval before it is published and set live on the internet.

Analytics & Tracking

Analytics & Tracking


We monitor your site’s performance, tracking user interaction on all platforms. Stat tracking enables us to determine who is coming to your site and what they are doing while they’re there.

Analytics information is a powerful tool, providing insight into how your users interact with your site. It enables us to further optimize the site and refine its visual style and technical functions. Ultimately such information is invaluable to the ongoing development of a site.

After extensive testing of it’s interactivity and features and finalizing all design elements your site is set live.

User Tracking

At this point we implement Google Analytics or other software to monitor your site’s progress and gain insight into the user experience.

We can use this data to make necessary alterations over time including the optimization of site elements such as title, description and keyword tags which help your web site achieve higher rankings in the search engines.