Ben Jeapes

Ben Jeapes

Ben Jeapes is a Science Fiction writer living in the UK. He writes novels, shorts stories, reviews and has worked as a publisher and technical writer, among other things.

I contacted him about updating his old website which he had been maintaining since 1996 using basic HTML in Windows Notepad and little else. Ben was looking for a more modern looking site which he could maintain himself.

I modified the Twenty-Eleven Theme for WordPress creating custom graphics and incorporating various plugins and other functions for Ben’s site. The site is a responsive design, altering its layout based on the user’s device resolution.

It was my largest project to date, integrating well over 100 pages of content with a fully functioning blog to showcase the author’s vast amount of work, detailed biography and contact information.


James was able to combine the content of my old Web 1.0 website and blog into a single site that is much more modern and infinitely more attractive. The menu structure that he devised hugely enhances the user interface while keeping the sense and functionality of the original site. He is a pleasure to work with.

—Ben Jeapes

Ben Jeapes