Aubrey Therkelsen

Aubrey Therkelsen

Aubrey is a photographer and designer from New Jersey who asked me to create a comprehensive portfolio and blog that would showcase her vast amounts of undergraduate and post graduate work.

I created a digital portfolio website for her which featured all basic contact information and a plethora of gallery pages to display the enormous amount of work Aubrey has created over the years.

The site was built in WordPress by modifying the Yoko theme with custom graphics and CSS. It is a responsive layout, adapting to various screen dimensions.

I worked directly with Aubrey to create the style of the site. It was a challenge to maintain a theme which would not distract the viewer from her work while adding aesthetic appeal to the site.


I came to James Minshall for help designing my fine art portfolio website. James had very little direction as to how I wanted to represent my professional work; it’s hard to imagine a website from scratch. James was able to ask questions pertaining to my personal prefereces in design and color, in order to pull out information that enabled him to pinpoint a professional, appropriate and creative website. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. He drafted several very different mockups to give me interface, font, color, and overall design options. I couldn’t be more pleased with the final result!

—Aubrey Therkelsen

Aubrey Therkelsen






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