Our Process

An overview of our services, product features and the methodology of our design process.

Conceptualize & Plan

An single spark can ignite an inferno. An idea can transform a business. We ask questions, gather ideas & learn your business objectives, devising a strategy based on what needs to be accomplished for a successful web presence. Continue Reading

Design & Stylize

Creating a framework we lay the foundation for future development and ensure a uniform approach to digitally displaying a business. We channel our ideas through clear objectives, creating easy-to-use websites that convey your organization’s values. Continue Reading

Develop & Test

An idea does not grow overnight. It is perpetually evolving and adapting to new circumstance. We work with you, nurturing and enhancing your digital presence, ensuring the most accurate reflection of your business’s image & services. Continue Reading

Analytics & Tracking

We monitor your site’s performance, tracking user interaction on all platforms. Analytics information provides powerful insight into how your users interact with our work, enabling us to further optimize the site and refine its visual style and technical functions. Continue Reading

Recent Projects

Details about our recent design projects, clients and the various features and functionality implemented in our work.

Daniel R. Sweeney

Daniel R. Sweeney is a financial services professional who graduated from Pittsburgh University in 2010 with a degree in Finance with an international certificate in business. Continue Reading

James Minshall

My personal website, created in Wordpress. It is a constant experiment in web design where I test plugins, javascript, create and optimize content for SEO and blog. Continue Reading